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Made in China, Exported to the World: The Surveillance State

This Estonian Start-Up Has Become a Thorn in Uber’s Side

After the Bust, Are Bitcoins More Like Tulip Mania or the Internet?

Tech We’re Using: Sliding Backward on Tech? There Are Benefits

Ford to Invest $500 Million in Rivian, a Tesla Rival

New Zealand and France to Seek Pact Blocking Extreme Online Content

Wing, Owned by Google’s Parent Company, Gets First Approval for Drone Deliveries in U.S.

Blockbuster Battle Between Steven Spielberg and Netflix Fizzles

Japan Has a New Emperor. Now It Needs a Software Update.

Julia Angwin Is Out as Editor of New Tech Watchdog Site The Markup

Elon Musk Predicts Tesla Driverless Taxi Fleet Next Year

Beyond Meat Details Plans for Initial Public Offering

Google Employees Say They Faced Retaliation After Organizing Walkout

Samsung Postpones Rollout of Galaxy Fold

Tesla to Investigate Car That Appeared to Burst Into Flames in Shanghai

It’s U.S. vs. World as Big Tech Faces Specter of Limiting Speech Online

The Interpreter: Sri Lanka Blocks Social Media, Fearing More Violence

Silicon Valley Came to Kansas Schools. That Started a Rebellion.

He Stopped a Global Cyberattack. Now He’s Pleading Guilty to Writing Malware.

Bits: The Week in Tech: Do You Prefer Free Speech, or a Perfectly Clean Internet?

After Social Media Bans, Militant Groups Found Ways to Remain

The Real Stars of the Internet

Uber’s Self-Driving Cars Are Valued at $7.25 Billion by Investors

Tesla and Elon Musk Are Given Week to Reach Accord With S.E.C.

Amazon Gives Up on Chinese Domestic Shopping Business

How to Declutter and Speed Up Your Phone

Samsung’s Review Phones Fail, Delivering a P.R. Nightmare

Here’s Soylent’s New Product. It’s Food.

I.P.O. Day for Pinterest and Zoom Ends With Shares Sharply Higher

Pinterest Prices I.P.O. at $19 a Share, for a $12.7 Billion Valuation

Foxconn’s Deal With Wisconsin Should Be Revised, Gov. Tony Evers Says

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